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Travel wasn't my first career, but it's always been a love of mine. I still recall many details of my first road trip to a magical place called Walt Disney World at the ripe age of 7. Growing up, my family did its fair share of the typical "family vacations." As we got older, the destinations became a little more exotic partly due to my parents owning a business and earning incentive travel vacations. By the time I graduated college, the travel bug had bit. However, it was many years later and positions in an entirely different profession before I entered the travel business.

I have been designing dream vacations for 21 years and haven't looked back. The skills and experience I acquired from my past position as a clinical instructor at Marquette University (also my Alma Mater) are put to good use in my role as a travel advisor. I feel that continuing education is very important so that I can offer the best advice and recommendations to my clients. Not only do I participate in seminars, coursework, and conferences, but I also travel extensively on both a professional and personal level.

Experience is key when it comes to determining the right vacation for you. I can honestly say that I enjoy the excitement of helping plan someone else's vacation as I would my own. And, when my clients return from their trips and can't wait to tell me about their experiences, that's just the proverbial icing on the cake! I hope that I'll be able to share the excitement of planning your vacation soon!

Amy Johnson Travel Agent
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Fun Facts About Me

  • On Packing Light

    I may be a professional Travel Advisor, but I have not masted the art of packing light yet! (What can I say, I like options...and shoes!)

  • I'm a Foodie

    I've been enamored with anything related to the fine art of cooking and food since I was a child. Foodie experiences during travel are high on my priority list for my vacays.

    You know the question, what famous person would you dine with if you could? I could name several, but I'll narrow it down to two—Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain.

  • I'm a MOB, "Mom of Boys"

    They are grown up and adulting now, but I still recall those days of traveling with young children and teens. I'm not going to make it sound easy, but what wonderful memories we created.

    Now, I look forward to finding time with all of our busy schedules to travel together as adults. Some of our most recent family adventures have been to Scandinavia and the Baltic in May/June 2022 and Riviera Maya, Mexico in December 2023.

  • Other Interests & Passions

    Golf, Wine, Wellness & Photography. And all go so well with travel! P.S. Most of the photos on this website were taken by me. I enjoy capturing a beautiful view! Check out my Photo Gallery.

  • What's my favorite place to travel to?

    The next one, of course! I really can't just pick one. I love different things about different places. I honestly haven't met a destination yet that I couldn't find at least one thing to enjoy and I can appreciate something that might not appeal to me but is revered by others.

Amy Johnson

Owner & Travel Advisor
A Room With A View Travel, LLC​

P.S. I just love a good Room With A View and I know my clients do too!

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